Friday, March 6, 2009

welcome to the challenge

the past couple days i've had a hint of the flu sneaking up on me to try and attack. i'm chalking this up to the fact that as a good little trying to become pregnant patient, i stopped taking my Wellness Formula supplement that is chock full of six million herbs and other stuff and has that big old warning of talk to your doctor if you are crazy enough to try and get pregnant, are pregnant or nursing. i hold full faith that those suckers are the reason i have not had a cold in the decade i've been taking them -- best things ever. so after leaving work yesterday feeling like i had been run over by a truck that then decided to park on my chest, i took a handful, crawled into bed and slept myself out.

but i did set an alarm to remind me to take my clomid for the first day of the challenge. expecting the worst of the side effects, i decided an evening take time would make more sense -- try and sleep off most of the effects. the result is ... not much. no violent mood swings (except i'm cheerful this morning -- what's up with that?), no dizziness since i was already dizzy with flu attack at the time i took it, and no nausea, since again, had already been present.

i did leave a message with the GP regarding the cymbalta question, and he's out of town at a conference, but the nurse said he'd call monday night. i did a ton more research and reading, and i have to say, i'm leaning towards asking to stay on, maybe at a reduced dose. i'm already on a low dose, but in all honesty, i think the benefits far outweigh the risks, especially as there is nothing to clearly prove that some of the risks are connected to the cymbalta. we'll see what he says, and i'll raise it with the RE again and get her take (and then later, the OB/midwife's take on it).

also started the pack of OPKs i picked up as the RE suggested. though why when i'm on a clomid challenge is beyond me. but at 5 am, i think the reason became clear -- it take a certain amount of skill and being awake to pee on a stick. this is obviously something to get me in practice for the coming months. . . .

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