Saturday, July 30, 2011

Worst mommy ever?

I feel like such a bad mommy, sitting with bebe on my lap as we cruise youtube videos of babies laughing so she can giggle, smile and kick her legs. She is so amused !

And having her giggle right now is a good thing. We have our first touch of Daycare Crud going on. Kiddo has a tendency to be stuffed up deep in the sinuses, but yesterday morning she sounded like a regular Snuffleupagus when she woke up. Unfortunately, it's all so high up, I can't even suction anything out for her. And she has the upset tummy with explosive diapers. So far I've done the steamy bathroom bit, and of course, Grandma El's on the butt. And trying to keep her upright most of the day to promote drainage and encouraging much napping. Her mood is a bit improved over yesterday when her usual fussy to full on cry fuse vanished so that we started right out in inconsolable. Poor thing was a confused by this development as she was to feeling crappy.

Oooh, we have a sneeze with snottage! We are off to see if there is more we can finally suction outta there.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

2 months!

I just realized as I wrote the date down today that is has been 2 months since I picked up my little wiggle-butt from the hospital. What a two months it has been! Accomplishments include:
  • Sleeping through the night (week 4!)
  • Not spitting up (except when Bebe overfeeds her which has been a while)
  • Expressing her hatred of heat and humidity
  • Shoving her fist in her mouth
  • Letting out a loud scream of frustration when said fist will not fit all the way in mouth.
  • The most hysterical lilting "ooooh!" when she hears/sees something she really likes. Fun when reading or singing to her.
  • Giving the biggest smiles ever, even when waking up with a wet diaper and empty belly at 5 am.
Speaking of singing, I just serenaded her with a silly rendition of "One" from A Chorus Line (hey, knowledge of the classics of Broadway is crucial!) as I was changing her and had her in a constant state of a face-splitting grin and squeals of laughter.

Yeah, and you think I'm going to get homework down with this kind of audience around?


Again, I wish I could post pictures because for her actual two month birthday last week, I managed to get the most incredible photo of her. Asleep of course since school just wore us out and being awake for a photo shoot was not going to happen. But I promise you, I'm not one to brag about my photog skills (which I do have), but this picture rocks, and is going to be printed up on a canvas no matter what.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trying to get back on the blog-wagon

Anyone still out there? Not only have a been a bad blogger, I've been a terrible reader. Chalk it up to not being able to handle one more "I got my BFP!!!!!" post on the blog-roll several months back.

Well, that and life being crazy.

In case you've paid attention to this feed at all today, you may have seen a couple posts go up earlier in the day. They should be back dated to May, as I'm trying to catch up on some news that needs to be posted here. Suffice to say, a foster-baby has found her way to this nest and been here exactly 8 weeks as of today. We are in a holding pattern of waiting to hear from another state regarding a kinship relocation for her (which hurts dreadfully as she has been such a perfect fit for me and my entire family). But I'm each day as it passes.

So give me some time over this weekend, and I'll try to get a few more back-dated posts in with details and all the rest. :)