Thursday, March 26, 2009

changing perspective on time

when you start watching the calendar and shifting your life around your cycle, it's so odd how your perception of time changes. i'm like most in that as you get older, time is flying by -- how did it get to be March already? but now that i'm waiting for my next cycle, it seems the days are crawling by. but today's migraine and this evening malaise that is keeping me from working out is letting me know AF is imminent. the clomid is in the medicine cabinet, ready and waiting, and i'll be calling to schedule my HSG as soon as it appears.

today, i ordered sperm. haven't heard from the bank on my order, but i do already have my consultation call with them scheduled for Monday evening. such a weird thing to think today that i used a rarely fax from work to order myself some sperm. and if that wasn't enough of a chunk of change, i just 'celebrated' tonight with ordering myself some sassy and sexy socks -- call it prepping for my hot date. (yes, i have a thing for socks...)

Tuesday was my second visit to the acupuncturist, and she was very pleased with my chart for the week. i have a nice solid jump post ovulation, and even better, my temps for the week have been spot on consistent instead of bouncing all over the place. this is such a good sign. i didn't have the major activity in my pelvis during this treatment hat i had last time, but that is probably a sign that everything is up and running again.

i'm amazed with the changes the supplements are bringing about. my skin is softer and holding moisture better, my hair feel oddly thicker (but hey, i'll take it!), and is much silkier, but also prone to being uber-greasy in the morning. and, uh, yeah, cervical mucus. all of it helps me to keep thinking positive and telling my body it can do this. just one really good egg at the right time, that's all we need.

that's about all from the holding pattern here. once AF shows up, i'm sure next month will be a flurry of activity.


  1. I'm so happy that things seem to be going well :) What supplements are you taking (I am nosy!)?

    And a random question - I know you're taking maca. Do you think you'll continue to take it once you're pregnant?

  2. No, you aren't nosy! supplements include the standard line up of pre-natal multivitamin, vitamin D, iron, and B complex.

    i've added in 75mg DHEA (for poor ovarian reserve), fish oil (to replace the flax seed oil -- fish oil is recommended for fertility), and evening primrose oil (from CD 1 through ovulation only - increases fertile cervical mucus). Plus the maca and from the acupuncturist, we have "Gui Shao Di Huang Tang, phase 2" to be taken from first day of clomid (CD3) through ovulation.

    good point you raised on the maca. i haven't done any research or reading on it, so that will be my non-coffee break internet research today.

  3. I've been doing a lot of research on maca - unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot of data on it. Anecdotal evidence about women taking it to help stay pregnant and carry to full term, but no real studies that say that it's safe. But it is supposed to help maintain hormones and it's a food, so personally, I don't think there would be a huge issue.

    It's all bloody confusing after a while once you start looking at what you can and can't take. Essential oils are breaking my head at the moment.

    And I hope you don't mind me spamming you with comments. I just find the whole process fascinating, and I really want it all to work for you :)

  4. So exciting that you'll be trying very very soon!

    I'm with you on the sock thing - I tried shamrock socks for this last IUI and I'm really hoping they turn out to be lucky.

  5. @azhure ~ you know i don't mind all the comments, questions and feedback. that's what i started this blog for! :) good point on the maca being a food. the acupuncturist is not that familiar with it, so i'll have to research some more on my own.

    @Meg ~ part of me can't believe i'll be trying so soon. oh, if it works on the first (or second, or third!) try, the timing would suck as far as work is concerned, so i really hope that is a huge enough temptation for Fate to smile and help make it happen. some of the socks i got are a bit racy, but hey, i may go with racy just to crack the doctor up. i gotta give them good stories to have there! ("yeah, these over the knee black fishnets with white ruffles and bows on them...")