Monday, March 2, 2009

in a comfort zone

Day 3 blood work scheduled for lunchtime tomorrow. so tonight, i stopped by Target to get my clomid rx filed.

Ms. Geist* was on duty, and as she handed me the prescription, cheerfully said, now you've been on this before, right?"

"actually, no, this is the first time, but the nurse gave me the instructions this morning."

"she then asked something to the effect of how long have you been trying, and i think i hesitated for a nanosecond before saying i was only just starting, and this was part of the testing. she looked confused for a minute and i smiled and said, "i'm doing this on my own."

"oh, that's different. [pause. realization dawns. cue big grin.] what a wonderful idea!"

at which point she launched into praise, asking how prepared i was for having a baby, support system, how wonderful kids from single moms are, etc., etc. she was getting more excited and wrapped up in it all as we chatted, and she finally sent me on my way with a "i can tell you are going to be an incredible mom. keep me updated on how things go for you!"

not sure what is up with me merrily informing strangers of my plan except, hey, i'm at a comfort level with this. but seeing people who had not encountered this choice in their life take it in, digest, accept and then become cheeleaders is kind of heartening. who knows, maybe we are paving a path for the new "normal".

*not her real name, she just looks and talks exactly like the character with that name from the movie Clueless, right down to a pencil being lost in her always mussed hair.

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