Sunday, March 15, 2009

anything but a lazy sunday

i should be working on my taxes, but you know, i need to get this donor stuff figured out and sorted so that can be ready to go next month -- which will be before the tax filing deadline if my estimation is correct.

i'm going with my gut here after a week of checking out the various banks, reading raves, reading horror stories -- you know the drill. so it is either PacRepro (Pacific Reproductive Services) or TSBC (The Sperm Bank of California). both have great reputation for working with single women, and are known for having high quality samples. i'm going to need the best swimmers possible if my eggs are going to be iffy.

i just need to call TSBC tomorrow and confirm that there are ICI samples available for all donors, since it is a bit vague from their site. i now have a stack of donor profiles printed out and am reading, rereading, and putting into different piles as i try and figure this all out....

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