Monday, June 8, 2009

well, my predictions are off these days

finally had a + OPK last night. it was negative again this morning, which confirms that yes, i do have an insanely short LH surge. just called the lab at the RE clinic, and the swim team is being roused from sleep for a meeting today at 11.

start thinking those fertile and nice egg meets nice sperm thoughts.

forgot to mention that last week i got dragged to a karate class by a co-worker. no, i'm not the karate or kickboxing type, but it was an open house, and i figured, what the heck. co-worker D and co-worker M were both going to be there, so let's have some fun.

i am apparently a bit of a natural when it come to hitting things. and kicking things. and i kept up the whole way with an insanely intense cardio class. me 3 months ago would never have been able to do it. never. the changes in how i feel are just amazing, and after class, D and M and i were sitting around talking about that, the stress of our jobs, etc., etc., they were asking about my yoga and my acupuncture, and no, they didn't know about my plans. D may of had an inkling as we talked maybe a year ago about adoption and such. but for some reason, that night, i looked at the both of them, and said, "okay, please don't say anything, but...." and gave them the details.

neither flinched or acted surprised. in fact, M started talking about how she's going to be 40 soon, and she really has changed her mind about having kids, and also knows she is not interested at all in being married. i could tell she is deep in the throes of thinking of taking this step. i've got my fingers crossed for her that she decides to take that leap. i would be so nice to have someone local heading into this much the same time as me!


  1. Good luck today!! Fingers and toes are crossed.

    Nice you were able to share your plans with your co-workers. Sometimes I want to shout it out from the rooftops! I hope your friend takes the leap too - how nice for both of you to go through the process together.

  2. Crossing fingers toes and everything for you!