Saturday, June 13, 2009

TMI moment coming, y'all...

... but then, that's why we are here, right?

have been trying not to over-analyze my body this early after IUI (6dpiui today). but had a WTH? moment (or two) while hiking today, in the form of fertile quality cervical mucus. like uber-egg-white that i never actually get. and massive amounts of it.

the boobs are getting a bit tender, but i figure that can be pretty common in this part of the cycle, but i was curious in regards to the CM.

Increased Vaginal Discharge.

From 7 days post ovulation (one week post conception).

If you have an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge after Ovulation this can be a predictor of pregnancy. Many pregnant women report fertile type or creamy discharge.

um, okay. i think i need to chalk this up to my body's amazing ability to generate progesterone, right? (oh, hello, night sweats to beat the band last night. how i never, ever miss you.) i probably just ovulated the hell out of my left ovary and have corpus luteum having a big old party.

yep. let's stay logical and sane here.

though i gave karma another huge target today by going on a more strenuous than expected hike today.


  1. *crossing fingers*

    For me, the first sign I got was a yeast infection, pretty much on the day I conceived. Not the most fun symptom there!

  2. I've heard that too about CM! I had a lot this time but mine was mostly clear. And if this is different than it usually is, I'm thinking that means something! Really hoping for you!!

  3. you never know! the fact that it is so unusual is very suggestive, of course (I would probably "go there," personally :) ...hang in there!