Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and i thought it was just me!!

discovered via Me and Baby's blog: Fertility Socks!

and here i thought i was the kooky one who decided to wear funky over-the-knee socks to all my procedures just to keep things fun. and they are a good conversation starter -- the crew at the HSG lab loved them!

i'm already worrying about what ones to where for the next IUI, which could be as soon as Friday. eep! acupuncturist gave me her cell number so i can call and she can do work on me right after. when i mentioned it might be on the weekend, she was trying to think what she was had planned. i snickered and said i had a date planned.

yup. i'm insane, and figured fate needed one mo er good reason to bless me with a baby, so i said yes when a friend asked if she could introduce me to her son. we've been talking a bit, but i figured i'll save the "oh, hey, did you know i might be pregnant?" line for a bit later. ;)

hey, you never know when life is going to present you with the right moment. i might as well try and seize all of them at once.


  1. Enjoy your date! If the opportunity presented itself to me, I would go too.

    As for the socks, where do you get yours? I'm trying to find some to donate to Fertility Socks and can't find any really cute ones!

  2. i'm all about taking chances right now. last night it was kickboxing. which was much more fun than i expected, and i kept up the entire time with a very intense cardio class. wow! i just feel bad since i'm not going to sign up. need to save the pennies for IUI and hello, not good to be jumping around and getting hit when you are trying to get an embie to land safely.

    as for socks, i LOVE sockdreams.com. highly addictive, but they have oodles of socks to choose from. there is also a store nearby that carries nothing but funky socks. i'm thinking of slipping out at lunch tomorrow and checking it out.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the sock info. And I love kick-boxing myself but have been on hiatus. Missing it and other cardio workouts myself.

  4. Yeah, I echo the thanks on the sock info!

    I hope you have a great time on your date. I have one on Friday, too. I am excited and figure, why the hell not?