Friday, June 5, 2009

missing: one LH surge

if my temp spikes tomorrow, i'm going to be really, really annoyed.

per clomid cycle protocol, i started OPK testing on CD10.  slightly dark that a.m. and has gotten progressively lighter since.  i've got uber bloat and all kinds of ovary cramping for 2 days now.

per my past charts (clomid cycles) my surge should be here tomorrow (CD12).  not even a faint line tonight on the OPK.

::sigh::  if the cycle is missed, it is for a reason.  just relax and ride it out.

(yeah, right...)


  1. That is soooo frustrating. I missed 2 cycles when I was trying because I didn't pick up the surge - even though I did ovulate! Drove me nuts. I found that using the smiley face kits weren't as good for me as the compare the line tests. So I started using both, detecting a surge with the line compare kit and then testing with the smiley face one too. Often, I got an obvious surge on the first and not on the second.

    Good luck!

  2. Unfortunately those kits don't work for everyone. They didn't work for me. If you miss it, could you ask for blood testing next time? That may work better for you.

    Good luck!! I hope you see that surge soon!

  3. thanks all! Luckily, the OPKs have worked for me in the past -- i just think this cycle has its own schedule in mind. line were a bit darker this morning -- enough to make me break out the digital test to double check. fingers crossed the surge arrives tomorrow -- which is where all the other signs are pointing!