Wednesday, June 17, 2009

no news

in case you were curious, i am a big chicken and did not POAS because i convinced my brain as been playing trick on me. i've had one nightsweat during this 2ww when my usual for my luteal phase is every night. no secondary temp spike. boobs feel normal (yes, there is a rash, but i did change soaps last week, and no the rash is only on my boobs but that means nothing). food tastes funny and i don't feel great after eating in the morning, but all of these are symptoms of a normal function Single Hussy. since i was a kid, food would change tastes on me, and morning and foods were a no go.

instead, i'm going to just wait until my test on monday, and am pretty much prepping myself for a disappointment again. i know the RE wants to schedule another consult with me. i may ask her if i can try several round of ICI on my own. clearly, with the help of a little clomid, i am ovulating -- and am likely ovulating even without the clomid. my only abnormality was the super high FSH -- everything else was normal. and i got to wondering, how may couples try and get pregnant and never know FSH levels. they could be high, but since couples don't usually consult an RE until an extended period of trying with no results, we really don't know. i think i should be allowed some trying time before changing to a more aggressive protocol. as one of the triers on the SMC board quipped, her only fertility problem is lack of regular access to sperm.

plus, i'd love the whole pressure of blood testing/any testing off my psyche at the moment. to just try and now go bonkers in the 2ww and just see what happens.

i don't know. this could all be a giant mood swing, but yes, again, that is a normal functioning Single Hussy!

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  1. Wait! Please ignore my comment on your last post. I misunderstood you, thought you were saying the cycle was a bust, but you say you have till Monday!! And no symptoms doesn't mean a thing, and you are not peeing on a stick so you really can't know )not that you could if you were peeing..)
    So, I am going to double, no triple cross my hands for a nice Beta on Monday.

    Probably the problem is at my end (though I have no idea what or why, moreso how to fix it), but somehow it only happens to me with you blog. Weird.