Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IUI#2, part the second

sorry, don't mean to turn into Ms. Posty McPants here, but i figured some answers to questions and potentially hopeful news was in order. and thanks for meandbaby for the encouragement on the 7mil. i like hearing those kinds of stories!

so i had two burning questions for the nurse today during my IUI. first, hiking a local mountain this weekend, yea or nay? she gave me the yea, as long as i stay hydrated. the culprit after IUI is anything involving jumping about, and it doesn't have to do with conception, more the state of swollen ovaries and the risk of torsion. big concern for those on stims. me and my 50 mg of clomid, not so much.

my second question had to do with the timing of the IUIs given my ovulation/temp spike overnight. she said that was absolutely perfect, and just what they are shooting for. whew! feel much better about that.

today's number was 24mil. now, she also explained something on the report and numbers that 'm being given. the is a % of motility after wash, but that total count (7 mil, 24 mil) is only of motile swimmers after the wash. today was 40% motility with a resulting 24mil actual swimmers. in my mind, that makes the 7mil of yesterday seem much, much better. i had been thinking only 23% of the 7mil were showing any attempt to make an effort. 7mil raring to go puts me in a whole new frame of mind.

the nurse (we'll call her Babs) today was awesome -- she is the head RN for the clinic whom i met with as part of my first visit with the RE, and she walks you through charting and the whole coordinating with the cryobank and the clinic. just one of those people who gives off a great vibe. not that the entire clinic staff hasn't been wonderful. i love how they ask at every IUI if you know if you need a special speculum, and has there been a problem with your cervix in any prior IUI. considering some of the horror stories others have shared, it makes very appreciative

of course i'm now at the point of laughing about that when they ask since my cervix is apparently of the hey sailor, new in town? variety. two nurses have now literally exclaimed "wow, you're easy!" while feeding in the catheter. there's something about hearing that as you are in the ever dignified position of feet in stirrups and butt hanging off the edge of the table that cracks me up.

okay, i guess i'm officially back in the 2ww.


  1. even the nurses think you're a hussy!! ;)

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Crossing my fingers for you!

    Glad you had that talk with the nurse. Such a relief!
    And your clinic - real awesome!