Friday, August 21, 2009

oh you have GOT to be kidding me

waking up to a brilliant temp spike is NOT what i wanted. WTF?? why do OPKs hate me this month, barely showing even a hint of line? folks, i'm doing the fertility monitor POAS first thing in the morning, an OPK smuggled into the work bathroom between 10 am and noon, and another test at around 10 pm at night. i'm making myself wait at least 4 hours before any POAS. i'm limiting my fluid intake (when hello, i need to also be increasing it for CM) during those 4 hours. and nothing!


considering how wonderful things looked last night, and not even being able to reach my cervix this morning, i decided forget getting the tank refilled. i was just going to have to be a bit late to work this morning because i had some important baby-making to do.

up in the air on whether to do round tonight or tomorrow morning. probably tonight. that better be a damn lively egg that got shoved out! hear me, egg? i want you alive beyond the usual time frame and waiting for the boys to get up there.

i swear, if i have to do this again next cycle, i'm just listening to my cervix and CM and those OPKs can get lost.


(this freak-out has been brought to you by the letter O and the numbers 97.2 and 97.9)


  1. ARGH!!! I AM MAD AT YOUR OPKs, TOO! (And maybe your ovaries, too!) I feel the frustration in your words.

    Fingers are crossed in Seattle!


  2. Arghhh!!!

    I had trouble a couple of months detecting my surge as well. Even when I tested twice a day. So I got the clinic to do a blood test, and discovered the day the blood test showed a surge was NOT the day the OPK did. Very, very frustrating.

    I found the digitial smiley face ones were good confirmation of a surge. But the line comparison ones were best to see if there is more LH in your surge than last time.

    Good luck! Maybe go in for a blood test next cycle to confirm the surge.

    Yuck! I hate OPK's.

    And my fingers are definitely crossed

  3. Crossing all my fingers, toes and cats' paws for you!