Tuesday, August 4, 2009

downtime and looking for local SMCs

nope, this cycle i really clearly ovulated on CD5. completely bizarre, and i keep panicking it is a sign of perimenopause, but then have to remind myself, no, there was ovulation, this is good. body is clearly producing much estrogen, this is good. i think it's a case of just letting things find their rhythm without the drugs in there.

i've been down for the count the past few days with some kind of stomach bug. on sunday as i lounged about, not wanting to move and poke the nausea, i did a lot of thinking about i could be looking at 3 months of this in the future. know how much fun nausea is without the aid of saltines? (thank you, gluten intolerance)

yesterday afternoon as i struggled to make it home from work and remain upright i contemplated the future fun in store for dealing with sick me and baby/sick-baby. yep, motivation to remain a cheerful and pleasant person and continue to make more friends so i can have someone to call on in those moments for a popsicle run...


we are trying to put together a local SMC group, especially for those trying to conceive. if you or anyone you know is in the southeastern New England area, please drop me a comment and we can email more about details and location. i've already met another *fabulous* local SMC tryer, and with the counselor, we really had the best time being able to speak with someone else who "gets it" and can understand the lingo and the obsession over fertility charts. i'd love to have some more ladies join us for some real time interaction, stress relief and encouragement.

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  1. Sorry about your wonky cycle.
    God luck with creating the group. I think it's a great idea :-).