Wednesday, August 12, 2009

how this jounrey changes you

i swear, i've never been an indecisive person. when faced with a choice, i knew what i wanted/needed/must be done, made the decision and moved merrily along, never second-guessing, or dithering over which way to go.

these days, i've turned into a dithering idiot. last cycle: call back, schedule shipment. call bank again, reschedule shipment for earlier. call bank day of shipment and cancel.

this cycle: call bank, schedule shipment. call bank day of shipment and reschedule to ship one day later but with overnight shipping for better charge life.

i swear, i am ready to strangle myself and my inability to make a proper, thought out decision and stick with it. never mind the fact i'm not concentrating or focusing at work and am always popping on to google to check out one more article on IF, and research another possible supplement. goddess help me when i get pregnant and baby-brain sets in. the TTC-brain is driving me up the wall already.


welcome to CD4. please keep your fingers crossed for an ovulatory cycle that has a follicular phase that lasts more than 6 days this time. and BTW, have switched off the DHEA (back acne is driving me bonkers, as is the increased hair shedding) and am trying the soy isoflavones (120 mg) for CD3-CD9. let's see if it is the pseudo clomid...

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  1. TTC brain affected me too. I've been driving around with an uninspected car since.... APRIL! Not like me. I blame it on this current distraction!

    Fingers are crossed for you to ovulate!