Friday, August 21, 2009

i cannot make this sh*t up

clearly, the road of TTC on your own is just not the same without the moments of complete and utter insanity. this is why the universe continues to pull these practical jokes on me.

no OPK this morning. OPK from 15 minutes ago:

gee, i'm not sure about that test line on the left. is it really darker than the control line on the right?

look, this one is saying "HA, HA!! faked you out!"

i am just ... i don't know. we go from stark white test lines to a screaming positive like i've never had before and this *after* a temp spike.

whatever. the remaining swim team members will just have to stay chilly overnight (fingers crossed). i'm going to yoga and moxa it tonight, and then have another morning romance with the vials tomorrow.

oh, and i give up understanding my body.

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