Sunday, August 16, 2009

i thought you said he was 6'2"!

well, this month's swim team has arrived safe and sound. i have to say, i'm not sure i could do this without the support and encouragement of my parents, who luckily have as warped a sense of humor as i do about the whole thing. "i though you said he was 6'2"!" was what my mom greeted me with when calling me on Friday morning to let me know that there was a frosty gathering of the swim team that arrived on her doorstep.

when i stopped by that night to pick up the swim team, dad carried out the box, and then bent down, pretending to shake a hand and say, "so you're going to knock up my daughter. so nice to meet you." wish i had gotten a picture of that!

in the meantime, the swim team is parked in my bedroom (not only did i think it appropriate, but it is also out of the reach of the cats, and the coolest spot in the house!) waiting for the OPK to do it's thing. i shipped way early from the looks of this cycle so far, but like i said, better safe than sorry, and i'd rather pay some rental fees for the tank than miss my chance.

tomorrow the swim team will get to take a drive with me to the welding supply and get a fresh dose of the frosties. mmmm, a frosty from Wendy's.... okay, i'm not dealing with the deprivation of cold food in the summertime that well, as you can see.

i have been woefully behind in my blog reading of late, and i'm not the best commenter, so mea culpa. in fact, i just noticed i got tagged on a couple of awards, so i promise to get to those this week! hope i can find enough folks who haven't been tagged yet to keep the ball -- or blog -- rolling.


  1. Your parents sound like a riot! As for the wonky cycles (via comment left on my blog), clomid messed with my cycles, gave me a cyst and thinned my lining too much. My RE said no more after three cycles. It does work for some though.

    If you do have a cyst, that doesn't mean you can't get pregnant and lots of pregnant women have/get them. I think the issue is size (I don't even feel mine at 15mm). If you have pain/discomfort plus a wonky cycle, you may want to get a scan (if possible) before you move on. Doesn't sound like that's the case though.

    Good luck! Enjoy Mr. 6'2"! (I like 'em tall too)

  2. Its so great that you have the support of family. I do as well, and not sure what I'd do without them. I hope this round of swimmers work for you

  3. My guy is 6'2" as well! I agree--your parents sound like a lot of fun.

    I'm sending you positive all-around vibes!