Tuesday, April 14, 2009

to doubt or not to doubt....

despite me fears that i had someone planned my first meeting with the swim-team a bit too early based on other signs and inability to closely read an OPK, i had a temperature bump this morning. so unless falling asleep with the heating pad on my belly last night for an extra 1/2 hour had anything to do with it, maybe i was on time after all. just barely.

so i got to meet Nurse L. yesterday, honorary aunt to many a pregnancy and darn proud of it. i teased her and asked if she had kept a record of her success on the first shot, because i wanted to make sure i was dealing with the best. and yes, again, my kicky stripped over the knee socks were a total hit. Nurse L. loved them, and wanted to know what i had for pants and shoes (jeans and my usual Danskos). i was promptly dubbed as "so cool". ha! i always knew those kids in high school were just clueless.

the numbers on the swim team were quite good. post wash motility was 65% -- Nurse L. said the office considers a 45% as excellent. we went over the dozen double-checks in place to make sure my sample was the one being used, and she gave me the empty vial from the bank. just a little something for the baby-book, yes?

so i'll go in again today, and somehow find a way to get through the next 13 days, i'm sure the chaos of work will help with passing the time.


  1. Great motility and sounds like great timing! Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. The making sure.. sometimes they ask me to check and double check - is this your name? is this your i.d number? Kind of funny.