Thursday, April 9, 2009


today was my HSG, and first encounter with the actual main hospital of W&I on the sprawling campus of medical central, RI. of course last night i was reading again about the HSG procedure. a coworker who knows i'm venturing down this road (they went through their own infertility battle and have adopted a little cutie from China) winced when i mentioned i was having this done. she recounted her doctor's blunder in clamping her cervix and detail about the excruciating pain. and of course last night i'm reading up on it on th Stirrup Queens blog and the comments were crazy ("i've birth twins vaginally, and i've never experience such torture as the HSG!" "i passed out from pain!"). okay, then, maybe it is bad.

well, the tech and doctor were super nice. The doctor was even squeezing me in right after round since they were overbooked with HSG appointments. so i changed into my johnny, told the tech don't worry about slipper socks, i have socks covered, and i will be known for them. when i walked out in my blue-striped over the knee socks she laughed, and said her daughter gets to wear crazy socks like that with her school uniform, and told me about a sock shop i have to check out (Details on Thayer Street (of course!)).

oh, and i did forget to take the recommended pain meds an hour before the procedure. i figured this could get hairy for the rest of the day because of this, and was hating my air-brain that was all flustered with getting out of the house on time this morning.

so i'm expecting miserable terrible cramping pain, but really, one little twinge with the insertion of the catheter. some mild (uber-mild) discomfort with the die, and i gracefully tried to tirn from side to side for a full range of photos. but nothing that ranks up there with "wost menstrual cramps ever" that they warn you about. maybe all those years of endo were preparing me for something.

the verdict? i have a lovely healthy uterus, and sparkling clear tubes. finally, something positive going in my direction!

and i'm at work, and feel nothing. oh, maybe a slight i must of eaten something i shouldn't have but it will settle down in a second type of twinge, but seriously. worst pain ever? well, i've always said my pain threshold is kind of skewed.

so here i am, full of hope and promise and positive thoughts that this all will work. and i've got the bonus of the next three cycles after the HSG being the most fertile. acupuncture and herbs are going great, and my skin is getting super soft, my energy levels feel great, and i'm able to breath away any stress or worry much easier. next acupuncture will be after the second day IUI this month. which, should be sometime the end of next week. i really need to call over and find out if they do weekend appointments if you get your LH surge. i'm thinking that with the connection to the hospital, they must.

next week, more peeing on a stick (and while at work, no less!) to check for that LH surge. with the lovely incubator i've been told i have, and that long sticky luteal phase, this just has to work, right? ::thinks thoughts of great big lovely eggs::


  1. Happy to hear the HSG was painless and that your tubes are clear and you have a healthy uterus!

    Wishing you all the luck next week when you do the IUI :-) [and yes, big lovely nice fat eggs]

  2. I'm so glad that the HSG wasn't painful and that everything looked good. Good luck next week!