Monday, April 27, 2009

the official BFN

thanks for everyone who was rooting for a first shot miracle, but as i expected, the blood work showed a BFN today. not too surprising since a) my temps didn't show that tri-phasic jump, and b) no + on those sticks i've been testing.

(and what fun -- i get to continue POAS until AF shows up for the testing protocal...)

good news in speaking with the nurse in that Dr. W was very pleased with my blood test results as far as the progesterone, as it indicated that i was in fact responding to the clomid and clearly had a couple follicle i ovulated from. for a progesterone reading where they want to see a 10, i had a 60. this explains the past 4 nights of crazy night sweats. i'll be glad when those corpus luteum leave town -- by my charts, i've got a few more rough nights in store.

i let them know i was going to take next cycle off to get my body in better shape. they said no problem, and that Dr. W had approved me for a couple my tries on the current protocal (50 mg clomid, no trigger) when i was ready.

off to brew up some tension tamer tea to remind myself to keep the stress at bay, and gee, i guess i put those DHEA tablets in my pocket today for a reason. :)