Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and here i said i wouldn't be a nutter in my 2ww

that was before i headed over for IUI part 2 today, and a nurse approached me and asked if i would like to be part of a research study for a new at home early pregnancy test. what the heck. i wasn't going to go crazy on the POAS simply because the fear of disappointment is so huge. but no, i get to do two a day from CD21 on....

what is even cooler is they provides all the supplies, including the ClearBlue Easy that is being tested against. this and compensated at the end?

so of course now that i've allowed myself the POAS during the wait, you know i'm going to be obsessing over early pregnancy signs. damn this internet and glut of information at my fingertips!

of course i'm all a flutter at the moment since for the entire afternoon it has felt like my uterus is having a wrestling match with my bladder. either that, or it's a rowdy frat party in there with them waiting for a chick to jump out of a cake. oh, hey, that is what's going on! we got a party of 60mil on board and with any luck, at least one hot looking healthy chick headed their way.

or, it could be my completely weak and stressed out caving and consuming of the last small piece of heavily frosted chocolate cake left in the kitchen at work. i should have stopped after the first bite and i was overloaded by the richness of gluten/sugar/chocolate. mm, hmm. you saw that weak and stressed above, right?

numbers for today's specimen were not as good as yesterday. 53mil yesterday as compared to 7mil today. i know 60 is a good total, but sill, quite a difference. motility is still excellent. i'm hoping it isn't an issue to be revised with a subsequent IUI unless that is T42.

i did finally get in touch with the acupuncturist (what's this spring vacation stuff?) and have an appointment thursday morning. another appointment to finesse at work. i think i'm definitely going to have to be in the office this weekend to pull off this week.

for now, i think i need to go change into comfy clothes, light up a stick of the uber-expensive incense i brought home from japan, and do my fertility yoga and meditate. i'm focusing on thoughts of doing the impossible, and having the clinic be floored with getting a pregnancy for someone who had an FSH of 31...


  1. you lucky dog! Research study that lets you POAS two times a day during the 2ww?!! Nice! Hoping with you during this wait.

  2. I think the 2ww is crazy-making for everyone.

    Amusing thing - in my rss reader, this article came up after your entry: http://jezebel.com/5209853/research-suggests-women-may-produce-eggs-as-adults

    *crossing fingers and toes and everything for you*

  3. I'm jealous! You get to pee for free!

    Fingers crossed for you this cycle!