Monday, April 20, 2009

staying somewhat sane

sane for me is a long-shot anyway. i've spent the past week being all over the map on where i feel things are and what results will be. i've had nights of wonderful joyous dreams, only to be followed by a night full of nightmares. i've been embracing my incredible bloated belly -- when not feeling that it is nothing more than crap eating with too much sugar in the diet. i'm now reaching the point of trying so hard to look/not look for any signs that i've turned myself off of food as of last night. everything tastes off, and nothing sits right in the tummy. (to the point that i just tried to eat a nibble of chocolate and was so icked by the taste i spit it out. go figure.)

my subconscious, it is such a prankster.

but wonderful Nurse L. just called to let me know that my bloodwork from this morning is "awesome" and my body is doing an amazing job at producing progesterone.

this isn't really a surprise since i usually spend my entire luteal phase waking up with night sweats from the little furnace my innards turn in to. still, trying not to be too prepare for the worst with this since, hey, it's freaking good news!


  1. You're about half way through the wait, right? That second week is always a killer for me!
    Have you started your scientific peeing on sticks yet?

  2. half way through! whimped out this morning and did a test just to confirm that it is my sinuses driving me nuts. (it is.) tomorrow morning the scientific peeing begins. they actually expect you to be on both sticks at the same time. um, i suck at peeing on one stick. we'll be using my pee mug for this nonsense, thanks....