Saturday, May 8, 2010

craving the forbidden

oh, what i wouldn't give for a hot bath right now! but seeing as I had an IUI last night and today at noon, it is kind of verboten. still, i want to be surrounded by hot water right now! argh!

so yes, LH surge did show up the evening up CD10, nice and strong, which meant IUI yesterday evening on CD11, and one today at noon. everything went really well, and I clearly ovulated last night, so the IUIs fell nicely on each side of that. interesting note from Awesome Midwife -- today's noon IUI was the first time she had any kind of resistance with my cervix. with our one IUI per cycle timing previously, she only ever got to meet the "Hey sailor, new in town" hussy of a cervix that shows up during LH surge. after an ovulation, bam!, she closes down, telling any swimmers its too late.

well, too late if they are going to swim the whole length. when we cheat and put those guys right where they are supposed to be, seems like our timing might be even more spot on.

(and once again, her stories make her Awesome Midwife. an emergency breech VBAC delivery? she's a rockstar.)

on to crossed fingers and positive thoughts for the next couple of weeks...

oh, yeah, and tomorrow is my birthday. which is still not sinking into my head. is it because i have my fingers in my ears and am singing "LA LA LA LA LA" at the top of my lungs?


  1. Sounds like you timed your IUIs perfectly. (clearly your cervix does too!) I hope the next 2 weeks go by quickly and end with a BFP!

    Also, Happy Birthday! I think it falling on Mother's Day is very good karma. Lots of positive vibes to you.

    ps: love the new look of your blog!

  2. thank you so much! i'm trying not to put too much pressure on karma with the mom's day/b-day combination, but wow, wouldn't that just be all kinds of awesome.

    so far i don't have that feeling i had last time that perm and egg didn't meet. i feel a lot of energy and sensation on the left side of my uterus right now, so i'm really soaking that in and focusing on the positive.

    and thank you for the inspiration to shake up the look up the blog! didn't even know these freebie templates were out there!

  3. Happy (now belated) Birthday to you :) And lots of sticky baby dust as well!

  4. Sure hope it works for you, and Happy Birthday!

    I'm curious as to how you found your midwife. I haven't had much luck finding resources poking about on the Internet...

  5. Happy late late birthday. Hope it was great.
    Is it wrong that I'm sitting here like its my 2ww too? I had to check this morning cause I hadn't seen anything from you. It's too early to know for sure I know but I'm hoping for you.

  6. Happy late birthday. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. How is the new dog working out?