Monday, May 17, 2010

one week down....

since i know some of you are actually wondering what is up, i figured i better update. except, well, i really don't have anything for you. :) sure, there is some pressure and occasional twinges in the belly, but being hyper-sensitive at this point, and not knowing if that is an intestine or bowel twinge vs. a uterine twinge, not really helpful. low back ache? yup. but i've been out and about, playing in the garden, decluttering the house, sleeping funny, so again, inconclusive. no temp spike, no spotting, so ugh, its that final week of "omg, i have NO symptoms."

which, hello, for the majority of people in their 2ww that end up with a BFP is the norm. so forget it, i'm not playing the symptom spotting game.

no matter how strong and rapid my pulse is....

besides, it is probably the progesterone talking. which, thanks to the switch from the oral Prometirum to the ol', um, shall we say, "non-oral" form of progesterone, i am not gaining 10 pounds and having massive mood swings. people touting the no side-effects from the suppository vs oral form of progesterone are not kidding. i am much, much happier.

i do have to share my greatest amusement in calling the compounding pharmacy to check if my script was ready to be picked up, their "on hold" message promoting their "Rectal Rocket" was hilarious. they may have been touting how smooth and effective it was in providing immediate hemorrhoid relief, but i'm not sure i want something called a "rocket" anywhere near my tushie.

but, sadly, it has been confirmed i am simply a crazy old cat lady. i tried my darnedest with that little dog to make her happy and comfortable, but my goodness, was i stressing out. the fact that she had never actually been paper-trained was not helping, as was the fact that she had also had no obedience training, so expecting her to perform her evacuations while on a leash was beyond her, and if she was off leash, she wouldn't respond to coming back to you, which is really, really scary given where i live, and the number of coyotes running round. her medical condition was still dicey as well, so she had to be settled in with someone able to take her back and forth to the vet on a daily basis to check her infection status. have no fear, she will be loved and looked after. right now she is happy being able to be 'part of the pack' with her current foster situation, which is what i really wanted for her. and it was good to have the confirmation that yes, i find cats, so much more relaxing, even if they do bicker with each other.

i guess by this Friday we will know one way or another how this IUI worked out. ::bites nails::


  1. I'm so anxious for you! Friday is like right there! Probably doesn't feel like it though. Wanting this to be the one for you!

    I hope to not be a symptom checker but I totally doubt I can keep that promise. I already symptom check when it just comes to my regular ol' period.

    Is it bad that I have an irrational fear of "non-oral" progest? Seriously. It gets to me. No side effects does sound good cause I would be checking those too but "non oral" has yet to make its way into my vocab. Just plain scary.

    Also, thanks for the book recs! I always love to hear about books. I actually had the last one, spirit babies, recommended to me but I wasn't sure about it. I may go look it up. I can always use the extra help with thoughts and focus. I'll have to make a trip for books soon.

  2. LOL! well, thanks for sharing in my anxiety on this one. one of the fun things of blogging this journey is finding just that kind of support.

    as far as anything "non-oral", trust me, if you read your Taking Charge of Your Fertility, you'll get over that very fast! once you start checking your cervical position, and searching for cervical mucus, any fear you have is out the window. get serious about that BBT charting, and you'll be fine! :) (and besides, the non-oral ones are so teeny-tiny -- nothing nearly as scary as the "Rectal Rocket" sounds!)