Friday, July 30, 2010

ha ha, faked you out!

That would be my left ovary mocking me in the subject line. After 2 days of tightness, fullness and pain over my left ovary, I got up this morning (conveniently forgetting to take my temp) and it was ... gone. I headed off to my early morning sono and bloodwork with my emotions around my toenails.

Uber-cheerful Wandi (what I have dubbed the sonogram tech) tried to happily talk me down from my cliff ,asking if the sperm was in, and I ducked behind the curtain to jump into a sheet. She then talked to me through the reading, saying I had a big 20mm and another 14mm follie on my right ovary. Left ovary came into view ... with nothing. No follies, no fluid, no cysts.

Um, guys, what was all that commotion down there about?

And bugger, 2 follicles, only one of which useful. (but as Wandi reminded me with a big smile, but it only takes one!! ::grumble -- I don't want to hear it right now) I headed home to sulk and wait for the call from the RN on my lab results. I could tell with a 20mm one sitting there I was going to trigger tonight.

And so I did. My estrodiol was in the high 300s, and my LH was already at 18. Surging on Day 10. Great. Nice way to bake a healthy egg there, body. < / sarcasm > So I'll be heading over to the back-up location of the urology office that has the lab with my sperm tomorrow, and one of their RNs will do the IUI at 9:00am.

I'm not thrilled, with the IUI so soon after the trigger. Then again, I could be popping that follie at anytime, so who knows.

I'm going to get back to surfing for potential donor embryos to console myself.


  1. Well, FWIW, I've gotten pregnant with a trigger on day 10. And my RE considers a 14mm follicle in the mature range for IVF purposes. Good luck!

  2. I hope it works out. Keep having faith. PS: I'm going to talk Jerry into going to Providence with me toward the end of August. You'll have to email me about beach info...And maybe have dinner with us?

  3. This sounds pretty good to me...I only had 1 follie this last time & got a BFP so don't give up hope.

  4. I agree with the previous posts. I work with someone who O'd on day 11, with a high FSH--and she's 20 weeks pregnant now. Lots of positive, sticky baby vibes to you as you endure the 2ww.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed! = )