Thursday, July 29, 2010

okay, my body is responding to *something*!

I feel like my left ovary is going to explode. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed this is good, and that no follies decide to pop early or anything. Everyone behave until tomorrow's sonogram, you hear me?

Also, had to search to see if "raging uncontrollable libido" was listed as a side effect of Gonal-F. May go nuts over the next few days. Please forward any cute men with a lot of stamina to my address.

Oh, and just to finish up the TMI, can we say copious EWCM?

Obviously my fears that a medicated cycle would be too rough on my body and I wouldn't respond well were completely unfounded.


  1. Sounds like my response to Follistim. That's all the estrogen talking :) Good luck!

  2. All that raging uncontrollable libido, going to waste. That's one time that being single definitely stinks. *g*

    How'd the ultrasound go today?