Tuesday, September 29, 2009

there is a BFN lurking at the end of this week

insanely busy with work. just wanted to sneak by a say sorry, no temp spike indicating that anything caught this time around. bugger, i really wanted this one to be the one.

so after a near-crying session with the acupuncturist last night, she talked me away from the edge of my looming depression and we formulated a "Plan B" for next cycle. i want to try an IUI again. The trick is finding someone around here who will do it unmedicated.

i called one midwife's office this morning, was treated rudely and told, "a nurse might call you back". 6 hours later, no call back. gah. make appointment just to go in and talk? have no clue.

found an email address for the second name acupuncturist gave me and just sent a note off to her explaining my situation and what i'm looking for. if we could please have a collective group of crossed fingers out there, i'd appreciate it.

Single Hussy needs to get back to being Single Career Gal


  1. I think there is still room for hope!
    As for spike - when I did have a spike* (I stopped checking temps when I moved on to IVF), it was only on day 13.
    Plus, as far as I know - having a spike is a very probable sign of pregnancy, but not having a spike does not mean no pregnancy!
    So... I am still hoping you'll be getting a positive this weekend.

    *was a chemical

  2. I hope you are wrong. On the cycle I got pregnant there was no temperature spike, and no symptoms. So you don't know until you know... My fingers are still crossed.

  3. aww, thanks guys! Genki, i was thinking about how you didn't have symptoms, but sadly, my temp started it's slow stroll vaguely downwards this morning. and, though the acupuncturist didn't want to say anything for sure, she didn't feel that extra energy ini my pulse. before my ovulation, she was amazed at how strong both my Qi and blood pulse were, and how much energy i had coursing through me or ovulation. one would hope if i had a bean lurking about in there, some more energy like that would be going on. (i'd also take those sore nipples and killer exhaustion again i had with the chemical!)

    yes, technically Thursday will be the end of the 2ww. so maybe my worries about planning for next cycle are in vain. gosh, that would be a nice surprise.