Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i saw this one coming last cycle

i called the cryo bank on friday to let them know CD1 was looming for some point during the holiday weekend, and i'd need to make date reservations for some nice vials. i was supposed to call back yesterday with my expected shipping time, but i was so busy looking at my calendar and dithering about it, i figured tonight when i got home and had a clear hear.

but i had a message on my phone this afternoon: my donor is sold out. yep, i knew when i got the "two for" specials last month (2 vials to bring the total motility count past their guarantee) that we were down to the end of the line. so no big shocker, though i am a little sad if only because i fell in love with that donor's handwriting. yes, i am that weird.

so i'm looking again at my backup team, and running through the catalog again, but not passing over those that are CMV+ since, hello, will not be donating with an active infection; risk of my becoming infected during insemination is impossible. my awesome bank has no problem shipping a CMV+ donor to CMV- me. (i also don't think my RE lab would have had a problem if i chose a CMV+ donor, but i'd just be given the big blahblahblah speech and asked to sign another 50 agreements stating i know the risks. yup, whatever...)

off to find Mr. Tall, Dark and Genetically Appealing.

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  1. Good luck with the search! When you open it up to CMV+ donors it certainly gives you more options. I'm sure he is out there.