Thursday, July 23, 2009


went ahead and tested this morning since my boobs are driving my insane. negative.

and yet:
boobs still crazy kill-me-now sore.
still insanely tired.
period is missing - this is luteal day 18. (CD30)
no sense that AF is is approaching. nothing. nada. not a cramp or twinge in the tummy when i eat.
my house smells like i have been cooking rice (i haven't), so phantom smells are p and running.
C-R-A-Z-Y dreams last night, but then, when do i not have crazy dreams. still, can remember tons of details on these.
i still feel like i need to eat a giant bag of salt & vinegar crisps a day.
temp this morning was 98.2 again.
massage therapist tonight commented by hips were really warm, which is different for me.

i'm chalking this up to being pregnant for a nanosecond, and that sometime tomorrow, AF will arrive. of course, i said that to myself last night, but whatever. i finally obtained my copy of The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth (hey, it's a straight girl doin' it on her own best guide, too!). also think i located a tank refill location. geared up and ready for a do it yourself special next cycle.

of course when that will be, who the heck knows!


  1. Sounds - pardon the pun - positive! I'm hoping like crazy for you!

  2. aw, thanks, but save your energies for when things look better. had another temp dip this morning, and my boobs are starting to deflate (::cries with relief::). also have that familiar low back ache, so i think the next cycle is ready to get rolling this weekend.

  3. That is the worst - not knowing for sure one way or the other. I am still crossing my fingers for you that you are pregnant, but if you're not, hope you get your period earlier than soon!

  4. I'm sorry about the BFN and I sure hope the waiting comes to an end for you.