Sunday, July 5, 2009

because i am an idiot

i can't tell if i had my LH surge last night. did a test, left it in the bathroom, and freaking forgot about it until 3 hours later. looked like there had been a dark line. this morning's test? almost nothing for a line. tests previous to last night had all been light as well, so it isn't like i was coming down from the false positive of lingering clomid.

the part that i am really freaking kicking myself about is that i could have done another test last night when i remembered 3 hours later since i PIAC, rather than POAS. but no, i figured line wasn't dark enough and cleaned everything up.

so i'm looking at past charts, trying to read other signs and figure out was the surge last night, or would i be jumping the gun if i call this morning for an IUI. my temp did a big time dip this morning (pre ovulation sign). cervix is uber high and almost out of reach for the past few days (pre ovulation sign). CM is impossible to read as ever, so no help there. last month on clomid, ovulation was on CD13 (today is CD12 ...hmmm). my little electronic charting calendar is predicting ovulation on tuesday, but i try not to go by that one (it has been right in the past though. argh!).

i don't want to screw up this cycle, but then again if i do, maybe i'm meant to miss it. i have 5 minutes to decide what i'm doing...


  1. OK, I'm curious what you decided to do. Did you start all of your IUIs with Clomid?

  2. i went ahead in to do the IUI today and will have another tomorrow. count was pretty decent (11mil post-thaw total motile).

    All my IUIs so far have been with Clomid. i'm still up in the air i this cycle doesn't an out whether to take the next few cycles off to strengthen the body, or jump on in to injectables.

    geez, just realized i'm in the 2ww again. gah!

  3. OK, I'm glad I checked back. :) I didn't get an update with the comment. How are you feeling about this cycle though? Two IUIs; I'm only planning on one per cycle.

    I hope you're feeling on the up and up!