Wednesday, July 22, 2009

waiting for Aunt Flow...

welcome to CD29, luteal phase day 17. no headache. no cramps. but, no appetite since yesterday afternoon, so something is looming. and has an hour to get here before pushing into luteal phase day 18 area.

i don't want to test because i know i'm not. besides, i did test last Thursday (11dpo -- yes, it was a sensitive test) and nada. i started back on all my "not while pregnant" supplements. i did skip them today figuring that would help AF show up.

i'm dead exhausted these day. i can be awake for about 4 hours and then require a nap that turns into 2 hours of hard sleep. my entire weekend was spent in that 4 hour/2 hour cycle. but this is a sign of nothing other than a) it's summer (my body hates summer and tries to hibernate), and b) my allergies (hello uber-wet weather!) are trying to kill me.

my nipples are sore. i've never had sore nipples. i've had sore boobs (they're kinda tender now), but nipples have never been raging angry omg-you-touched-me-i-give-you-pain-back! sore. i must have a good progesterone level this month. it. is. not. a. sign.

it does not matter i spent money on another month of supplements, and supplies for at home insemination. or called and compared numbers with the bank. or scheduled LASIK surgery for next month which can not be done if pregnant. i can wave all the red flags i want at fate, but i have to keep my feet on the ground and remind myself it did not happen this month.

i think my cervix just gave me a ping. AF must be getting close.


  1. Why are you so confident you are not? Yes, there could be other reasons for tirdness and maybe you don't feel your nipples are sore enough, but then again your tirdness could be pregnancy related, the same with your boobs.
    11dpo is very early to test, even with a super sensitive test, and it's been almost a week! I think if I were you I would test again on Thur. Do it knowing it's a negative, just to prove this cycle didn't work, and "worse case you get a positive..

  2. sorry, forgot to mention that after two weeks of a steady 98.4 temp, it dropped to 98.2 this morning. if i were preggers, i would have seen some additional rise in temps as well. this cycle was just such a bust timing wise, i can't see how it would have worked.

    not sure i can fake a "worse case it's positive" attitude, but i may have to try. i know on one level i'm already worked up with so much hope. i can't keep doing that.