Monday, May 4, 2009

changes and charges

i had my first violent hormonal migraine attack in more than 10 years. despite three days of being in pain, puking, and doping myself out, i'm taking this as a positive sign that something somewhere in my hormone levels is shifting back to the young and fertile category.

but i'll tell you, all i wanted was an ice-cold regular Coke to guzzle down and chase away the sharp edge of the pain. but between the sugar, the caffeine (oh, that silver bullet for my migraines) and the ice-cold temp, it was a no-no. not that i'm so sure the migraine meds were much better.

despite this crazy all meat, full fat eating that the acupuncturist has me doing, i stepped on the scale this weekend to discover another 5 pounds have vanished. i'm wondering if i really should go out and buy new pants and belts (i honestly look ridiculous with the way jeans are fitting of late) to help temp fate and getting pregnant. hmm, maybe i should also pull out the "fat pants" pile and go ahead and give them away instead of holding on to them for when i have a belly. this is obviously what is keeping me from getting knocked up....

but best news of all today was that the $720 bill i received for my HSG was an error. i called my insurance company since the explanation of benefits wasn't lining up with the bill amount. come to find out, i actually had three different claims for that date, she found the one that matched my bill, and confirmed that no, except for the $30 co-pay, they had paid it. called the hospital network billing department. they are completely befuddled as to why i got a bill since they are showing it submitted for a claim. they said to ignore the bill, i'm good for now.

ten minutes out of my day to make a couple phone calls, no big deal. especially pleased since the doctor was pretty sure i was going to have to pay for the procedure out of pocket, but come to find out, the insurance says it is diagnostic and not asking any questions. hurrah!


  1. Sorry to hear of that terrible migraine you had.
    And yay for the HSG being covered!!

  2. That is quite the migrane - I hope you are feeling better.

  3. I hope your migraine has gone away and you're feeling better. I second Billy's Yay for the HSG being covered.