Wednesday, May 25, 2011

so far, so good...

Granted, it's not 2 am, but from what I've seen so far, this is one mellow kid. Which is great considering how nervous I was this morning.

And this despite placement at the hospital this morning being, well, less than ideal. (Birth mom showed up on the floor, so everyone got in a tizzy) I wasn't able to do a diaper change and feeding before leaving. Luckily, the private agency I'm fostering for (CF) had an office around the corner that they conveniently share with WIC. So my CF social worker and I headed over there to feed and change, and oh, hey, I can go ahead and apply for WIC here instead of my home office? Many birds, one stone.

Since getting home, we have hung out in the papa san swing, the bouncer in the kitchen, managed to change cloth diapers, get several more feedings down (this kid prefers her formula room temp -- she's making it too easy on me!), and are now trying out the Moby Wrap which she has just decided is amazingly cool and wonderful to actually be on someone all the time. But yeah, some mild fussing is about as upset as we have gotten.

Oh, and she is beyond adorable. I hate that I am not allowed to share pictures because she is precious and perfect. And also the palest AA baby ever! LOL! Seriously, she's my skin tone, which is about that of a corpse. This also led to some amusement at the hospital since the social workers and I had been told this was an AA placement, we are in the nursery going over the discharge, and the nurse says, "Okay, go get her, she's all yours." Um, okay. There are only a few babies in the nursery, and all but one are on monitors, and the one not on a monitor is pink with Caucasian fine and straight hair. Um, some direction here, please?

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