Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have an entry on this past Friday's new RE visit half drafted (damn you work for blocking blogger and keeping me from running my personal life on work hours!) but small little blip on the radar for today.

Hello, surprise CD1!! While on campus. And waiting for a CD3 testing (blood and antral follicle count) for my cycle start after two weeks of estrogen.

Only problem being I'm only been on the estrogen 4 days, so do we test?

Cue me trying to get hold of the doctors office (note to self, please put office number in phone ASAP) as I'm running back to my car for "supplies" between lab and class. In the miserable heat and humidity that we are having. Ick. Very sweaty now.

All this will make much more sense once I get that other entry finished. And this will be a good kick in my butt to go ahead and get it finished!

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