Sunday, April 25, 2010

i finally ordered a pee cup

the old mug that has been pressed into to pee-service for me has been dropped on the bathroom floor for the last time. there is only so much i can do with the Gorilla Glue these days. so i finally ordered this cute, specially designated pee cup as a treat for myself.

13dpo today and a BFN. i'll test again tomorrow and Tuesday morning just in case before i stop the prometirum. i remain strangely detached from it all. i think i'm trying very hard to protect myself. after seeing all kinds of signs and promise these past 2 weeks, i knew it was going to be hard.

my mom called this morning to tell me that the Today Show was running a piece on choice moms, and i put down my book and quickly tumbled out of bed to catch it. i thought it was a wonderfully positive piece (finally!). my mom commented tonight that my dad had watched it with interest, and though he always has been supportive of me, he now really "gets it" as to why i'm making this choice, and hat maybe i do know what i'm getting myself into.


  1. First I want to send sticky baby dust your way and hope that tomorrow's results will be life changingly different ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing that choice mom's segment! It is nice to see the decision shown in a positive light :)
    Although I'm not in the trying stage, I have bought (and used) the opk's. And a cup seemed like a good choice to me to. My sister and I were shopping and she had to get napkins, and I saw these little plastic cups next to them. I pointed them out to her and she said, oh they must be like little shot glasses for parties. And here I was thinking they would be perfect for when you have to POAS. She laughed at me since that's where my brain went to when seeing small plastic cups. But I tell you what they've been working out beautifully ;) But that mug is sooo cute and funny!

  2. Thanks so much for posting the link to the Today Show segment about SMC. It was a great piece!

  3. Thanks for the Today Show link! Sorry about the BFN. Hoping it happens for you very, very soon!