Sunday, November 1, 2009

and we have a winner!

oh, i can't wait to type that subject line after a 2ww.... but for now, it will have to be the winner of the FertleCM from Fairhaven Health. 9 comments on the entry, and after entering them into the randomizer. . .

#6 comment is from ttc4toolong! congrats! drop me an email with your name and mailing address, and i will get this in the mail to you.

in the meantime, another giveaway. this is another favorite of mine, the FeriliTea. you all know how much i love my tea and trying to find a few minutes to relax. this is a great herbal blend that is soothing and minty, and yet, full of all those fertility herbs we hear so much about. this is my staple upon walking in the door from work.

just leave a comment here in this entry, by next Sunday, November 8 Monday, November 16, answering the question "what is your favorite thing to do to relax?" i will again pick a winner from all the comments -- and maybe try an incorporate some relaxation ideas into my life!

don't forget about the discount Fairhaven Health is offering everyone of 10% off your entire order by December 31, 2009. just enter "GREATDEAL" as the discount code. it's not just fertility and conception aids, but also pregnancy and nursing supplies on their site. i used the code to order a beautiful fertility bracelet for myself, as a reminder and calming touchstone. (it's a bit too large for my wrist, but makes a great anklet until i can get a jewelry savvy friend to take it down to my size!)

[as full disclosure, i'm not associated with Fairhaven Health, nor am i being paid for these reviews or giveaways. i had actually been using their products before they approached me and asked if i was interested in offering giveaways on this blog. knowing how expensive this journey is for many of us, i jumped at the chance to share some goodies with fellow tryers.]


  1. Congratulations ttc4toolong!! If there is anyone else with a TTC blog who wants to do a giveaway, email me at!

  2. OMG!!!! I just seen this!!! I am on cloud 9!!! I will send you a msg with my info.

  3. I have no clue how to send a private message on here, how would you like me to give you my information?

  4. Some of the things I like to do to relax are:

    -Crochet, right now I am making a baby blanket for my Godson to-be.

    -I like to have some 'me' time while in the 2ww, some 'me' time things I started doing recently is meditate, light a candle put on some music and unwind.

    -Do some scrapbooking, I am new to it but it helps me relax and get my mind off of TTCing for the time being.

    -Before it got cold out I would sit on the front porch and enjoy the weather. Being that Fall is my favorite season I am planning to do that on warmer days this season.

    So far that is all that I do for relaxation. I am currently trying out Yoga as well.

  5. Ms Kelly I wanted to let you know that I put a link in my vlog on YT so my viewers can enter in your contests and follow your journey as well. Here is the link: