Wednesday, October 28, 2009

road signs?

part of my pushing for natural cycles right now has been my treatment at the RE clinic, and feeling like nothing but a cog in their wheel. my infertility should be simply situational, but they see things in numbers, so that "40" stamped across my forehead means i'm in the hopeless range.

of course i'd searched for other fertility clinics, but being a smaller state, nothing came up but the one clinic i was going to, linked to notorious hospital, part of huge massive soul-eating medical group. there wouldn't be other options, unless i opted to travel out of state, which i was kind of toying with. i know the RE i've seen is excellent, and very much a realist, but she feels very much to be lacking a soul. the whole place does. this is a painful and frustrating journey -- you'd expect those in it day to day to have compassion and humanity. it must just get dragged out of them with all they see...

giving my musings this week about how i want a road sign telling me which way to go, tonight's experience has me going hmmm.... there was a huge new billboard up on the highway, saying something along the lines of "need help having a baby? bear left" with a big arrow. it was pointing towards huge massive soul-eating medical groups shiny hospitals and my clinic, so i figured it was their ad. but it wasn't their signature colors, so i searched for a name.

oh, hello huge fertility specialist from neighboring state. i had no idea you now had a office around the corner from my REs group. i'm up on their website now and fining it a wealth of information, unlike my clinic which is simply, read our name! we are linked with hospital! this is all you need to know!

looking for some metaphorical road sign and i find a literal one. i may have a back-up plan for my back-up plan.

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  1. Amazing how you find this real sign when looking for a metaphorical one!!
    Hope this clinic is much more humane, because it is not enough being proffisionals and all. They have to know they are dealing with people here. So good luck in the new place.