Sunday, July 20, 2014


No, not the movie, though I do still have yet to watch it.  More me and the prospect that seems to strike fear in every adoptive parents soul: writing the "Dear Birth Family" letter.

  • Homestudy done?  Yep
  • Agency chosen? Yep
  • Lots of money already paid? Yep
  • Letting months going by because you are to terrified to answer questions about yourself?  Oh yeah.

So this is my unthawing.  I completed my nearly already completed supplemental questions.  I managed a cover photo for my "brochure" (self-portrait, thankyouverymuch, as all photog friends were MIA...).

And I am emailing them off to the agency tomorrow!  dammit.

And I am even opening the file from the brochure expert I'm working with which has all the questions and subjects to cover for Dear Birth Family laid out to make it all so EASY!  E-a-s-y.

That is, as soon as you slay that giant Dragon o' Fear you have inside that now one will see you as a match or a mom, and make yourself unthaw.

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  1. Very best of luck to you. If only it was as easy as your brochure makes it seem